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Credit Conference Dinner

Dish Of Salt Restaurant

March 23, 2000, New York


Are we having fun Yet?

I think you are Debbie, Julie & Alan.






It looks like Jerry, David & Dee (Barbara Mandrell) sure are!!!




Jerry must know that in just a few minutes Linda would be dancing in the aisles!




Alan, & Mindy aren't smiling now.  Wait till they see Dick doing the Disco.  Melody knows.! 






It's Stephen and Leonard. I think Stephen enjoyed the food with that thumbs up. Or he knows we all will be 90% through the rest of the year. ;-)



It's Dee, Stephanie & Brenda. I know you are looking forward to "Saturday Night Fever". Hold back the excitement girls!




Smile Dee & Stephanie.  No its not Candid Camera!  It is just Brenda with that darn camera.








 A toast Ken & Joyce.

To good times, good people and good memories!


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