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More Great Pages to Have Fun!

Bonnie's Print Out & Color Pages.
Lots, lots of pages to color.
Ashley & Alex's Kidstuff.
Many things to do here.
Send a T-Rex card to someone. So Cool!
Oz2u's Kids Links.
Boy is this a fun place. Check it out.
Ty Beanie Babies.
It you like Beanie Babies, you have come to the right place.
Wonka-Wild World of Wonka.
There is a playground and plenty things to do here.
Nick Jr.
Play to Learn with Blue's Clues.
Twinkie's kids games.
Games and more.
Marys Childrens Museums.
You can see Egyptian Mummies, Dinosaurs, more.
Solar System Simulator.
So neat, travel the stars.
The Wonders Of Children.
This page made by J-Nor. Great stories to read, wonderful graphics.

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More Links, Page 1

Hi, It's me Ethan! Welcome to my 2nd page!

My first page was getting to slow with all the graphics and links. I decided to make another page with more links, less graphics. Hope you enjoy some of the places I play..

This is the picture of one of my Sea Monkeys. My grandma bought the kit for me. I just can't figure out why they do not look like the picture on the box. She said maybe one day they may look like the picture I drew. Like my picture?

More Links!

The Electric Zoo.
You can learn about all kinds of animals.
The Web Guide For Kids.
Absolutely Halloween.
I love Halloween. Games, playground here.
Halloween ByDezign.
Halloween Graphics to look at or print out.
Kid's Domain Halloween Games.
Online Halloween Games.