Wonderful Gifts From My Friends!
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Yes, most of my Spirit Flower Potted Plants have expired. But, I saved the "Spirit" of the "Flowers" into wonderful images. I hope you like what I have done.

Fantasy Fights Gift Shop

Thank You SlowFlo. How wonderful! Does this grant wishes? 9/27/00

Fantasy Fights Gift Shop
Wow, SlowFlo, 2 Magic Wands! thank You! 9/27/00.

The Fantasy Fights Gift Shop
Thank You J-Nor! What a great surprise! 9/27/00.

The Spirit Flower outgrew it's pot. I replanted it to a larger flower box. Thank You Poski!

The Spirit Flower here grew and grew. I had to replant into several pots. Thank You Lucille!

The Spirit Flower here made a beautiful wreath for my door. Thank You J-Nor!

The Spirit Flower here was a bouquet of beautiful roses. Here is one I was able to keep. Thank You Jackieann!

The Spirit Flower here is still bringing joy. I replanted outside for the birds to enjoy. Thank You Paul-Jean!

The Spirit Flower once replanted is still beautiful in a new pot. Thank you greeneyed1!

The Spirit Flowers here made a wonderful arrangement. Thank you Tami!

My Spirit Flower was replanted under my bird bathe. Isn't it pretty! Thank you Wolfden3572!

My Spirit Flower was replanted outside on my trellis, it is a wonderful site to see, don't you think so! Thank you Ray!

The Spirit Egg cracked and had to be thrown out. Look what was left in its place. Thank You Marsha!

The Spirit Flower is still growing replanted in my flower box. Thank You Penny!

The Spirit Flower got so large I planted it in a barrel. Oops! It fell over. Thank You Harriet!

I was so distressed when my flower expired, but, look what has taken its place! Thank you mememo58!

This is a beautiful spirit flower pot. I decided "NOT" to let it expire. After all, I love the smiley face on it. I was able to save it for always. Thank You Ghmom!

I love my hanging basket of flowers. The spirit flower pot made a beautiful arrangement to put on my patio! Thank You Lucymae!

Another Spirit Flower gone into web space. BUT, I was able to save the dried flowers and put into this wonderful vase. Thank you Puddytat!

My flower pot was again taken by the web wizard. I found something pretty to plant the reminding flowers in. There have grown and grown. Thank You ShastaD!

The beautiful spirit flower pot has disappeared but lots of new flowers are growing in their transplanted flower cart. Thank You Ghmom!

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